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John Galt 22-Aug-12 - 08:27 AM ET
halfmile 22-Aug-12 - 09:49 AM ET
Auctioneer 22-Aug-12 - 01:29 PM ET

Subject: PCH- SCAM OR NOT?
From: John Galt
Date: Wed, Aug 22, 2012 - 08:27 AM ET
Website Address:

Legally, they can't require a purchase to win a prize in a sweepstakes but that doesn't mean that they can't sucker the gullible into buying something. Obviously, this isn't a scam or it would be illegal and PCH has had similar sweepstakes forever.

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Subject: PCH- SCAM OR NOT?
From: halfmile
Date: Wed, Aug 22, 2012 - 09:49 AM ET
Website Address:

There is a history of many gullible individuals losing fortunes from the messages further up the line telling them they were almost ready to win the big one.

The wording is tricky, and gives the implication that buying will give a better chance at winning.

From the abve link, you can read more there:

"Des Moines. Publishers Clearing House must reform how the company handles older Iowans who spend large sums on magazines and merchandise in pursuit of a sweepstakes prize. PCH also has refunded more than $60,000 to elderly victims, including some with refunds over $10,000.

“The problem now is that many older Iowans mistakenly think that buying magazines or products will increase their chance of winning a huge sweepstakes prize,” said Attorney General Tom Miller, “and that’s a recipe for exploitation.”

“Last year alone, more than 850 Iowans sent PCH more than $1,000 each in response to sweepstakes mailings, and 50 sent more than $3,000 each, with an average age of 76,” he said.

Miller said PCH has agreed to a formal “Letter of Understanding” with the Attorney General’s Office that requires PCH to implement a program to identify elderly consumers at the point where their spending is just beginning to be excessive -- when an Iowan age 65 or over has spent $500 or more in a calendar quarter for PCH products.

Such persons will be contacted and interviewed by telephone to make sure they truly understand that buying doesn’t improve their chances of winning, and to remove them from the mailing list if they are vulnerable to exploitation. The agreement contains numerous other stringent terms, including a $2,500 penalty if a person removed from PCH lists continues to receive sweepstakes solicitations.

“We hope this settlement puts an end, once and for all, to the decades-long stream of older Iowans who send Publishers Clearing House large sums of money in a misguided effort to win a sweepstakes jackpot,” Miller said. “This company has a terrible track record of exploiting the elderly, and it has to stop.”

Terri Golightly appeared at the Dec. 18 news conference with Attorney General Miller. Golightly said her father-in-law (who died last summer) had sent large sums to PCH, thinking he had won or was about to win a major sweepstakes prize. Golightly said his estate received a refund from PCH. Years earlier, Golightly said, she had been through a similar situation with her elderly grandfather." (this is just one state)

If you have lots of time to waste, you can enter and enter and enter ad infinitum without buying anythiong.

Of course, they would rather not have you know that.

To sum uup, it's a freakin waste of my reloading time.


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Subject: PCH- SCAM OR NOT?
From: Auctioneer
Date: Wed, Aug 22, 2012 - 01:29 PM ET
Website Address:

Years ago the gov got on their case about the so called you didn't have to buy anything. BUT they had a window on their envelops that you had to put a sticker. If the sticker wasn't there that meant you didn't buy anything. If it was you bought something. Guess where the no sticker went. In the round file cabinet. They have their ways of dancing around things. They don't get any of my money ever.

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