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Gunn 10-May-12 - 06:33 PM ET
Oregunner 11-May-12 - 09:39 AM ET
B682GX 26-May-12 - 11:23 PM ET

Subject: Stocker John
From: Gunn
Date: Thu, May 10, 2012 - 06:33 PM ET
Website Address:

A week or so ago, someone asked about a stock person in NorCal, Oregon or Nevada. Someone or two mentioned Stocker John of Eugene Oregon. I live about 65 miles west of him, and I called him. I asked about putting an adjustable comb on one of my shotguns. I told him I would be in Eugene today for a business meeting. He told me to drop it off and I did. He asked me to stop by after the meeting. Low and behold he had it finished! This man dropped what he was doing and worked on my stock so I would have it for saturdays shoot. This far and beyond anything I was expecting. I am going to try to post a picture. John, If you read this; I really appreciate you doing this. Tim Gunn

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Subject: Stocker John
From: Oregunner
Date: Fri, May 11, 2012 - 09:39 AM ET
Website Address:

Here is the info from his business card:

Stocker John's

Custom Gun Stocks

Professional Gun Fitter

John Fittinger

285 Alva Park Dr.

Eugene, OR 97402


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Subject: Stocker John
From: B682GX
Date: Sat, May 26, 2012 - 11:23 PM ET
Website Address:

John refurbished a rifle stock for me several years ago. He did excellent work at a very reasonable price & time frame.

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