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Rottweil AAT 72 Super Trap For Sale

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Rotter 03-Mar-10 - 07:32 PM ET

Subject: Rottweil AAT 72 Super Trap For Sale
From: Rotter
Date: Wed, Mar 03, 2010 - 07:32 PM ET
Website Address:

Rottweil AAT 72 Super Trap combo 32" unsingle and 32" O/U, factory fixed chokes full on the unsingle and I/M/Full. SN# on receiver and O/U is 67151, on the unsingle is #74950. Unsingle is fully adjustable for POI and works fine even has the little allen wrench in the end of the rib. Factory pull/pull trigger works fine, Roman single release works fine. Wood has no dings or scratches at all has had an oil finish applied. Has a kick eez pad on it. Comes in a Warwick case that is like a vault. Has some blue wear on the unsingle at the end where the adjustment for POI slides. I have owned and shot this gun for 17 years on and off and hate to part with it but I think a change will get me back interested in shooting more. I have never had to do a thing to the gun other than change firing pin springs. I am asking $2,200 plus shipping and fees. This gun will smoke a target. If interested you can call me at (336)342-5398 or e-mail

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