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Shooting/ Hunting Books F/S NEW Added

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brauem 12-Mar-11 - 09:09 AM ET

Subject: Shooting/ Hunting Books F/S NEW Added
From: brauem
Date: Sat, Mar 12, 2011 - 09:09 AM ET
Website Address:

Please email me directly for details ... also have fishing related/ trout/ bass fishing.

A Listening Walk, Gene Hill 1985

World of the White-tailded Deer, Rue, Hardcover 1962

Buck Petersons Complete Guide to Deer Hunting paperback 1989

Basic Handloading Nonte paperback 1978

Fighting Handguns, History Adventure and Romace paperback 1958

Pmatuning (PA)State Game Refuge and Museum paperback 1939

The Ruffed Grouse Audubon Society of Western PA paperback 1952

Shore Birds and Game Birds Cornell School paperback 1924

Hunting the Wild Turkey by Turpin paperback 1966

How to Raise and Train a Brittany Spaniel 1965

Training Your Retriever, 1949

Civil War Guns, Edwards 1962

Chamberlin Cartridge and Target Co. 1932

Our Rifles, Sawyer, 1920

Schmeisser Submachine Gun

200 Years of American Firearms, Serven

Guns and Hunting Supplies, Lovell Arms 1890 Reprint

Russian Arms and Armour

Decoy Ducks, Ridges

Sharps, Sellers

Collecting Antique Bird Decoys, Luckey

Golden Guild to guns, Koller

Guns and Rifles of the World, Blackmore

Treasury of the Gun, Peterson 1962

The American Gun, Spring 1961

The American Gun, Summer 1961

Sportsmans Anthology, Kelley 1944

Outdoor Life Cyclopedia, 1942

Hunting-Fishing & Camping by LL Bean 1942

Arms and Armour, Norman

Nineteenth Century Games & Sporting Goods, Peck&Snyder 1886 reprint

magazines: Turf Field and Farm from the 1870s

National Sportsman 1936

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