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Win 101 barrel id and choke

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sfisk 10-Jun-13 - 07:53 PM ET
MR870 10-Jun-13 - 11:16 PM ET

Subject: Win 101 barrel id and choke
From: sfisk
Date: Mon, Jun 10, 2013 - 07:53 PM ET
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Hi all. After taking a 15 year break from shooting, I have become obsessed again with trap. Previously I had shot a late 70's 1100 Trap, and then an 870 Comp with adj. comb and lop. After a thousand or so birds, I noticed two things- my back hurt from holding the gun between turns by the 2nd round, and my knees are too shot to bend over and pick up shells! End result being I was shooting just 3 rounds every Sunday morning.

So, I recently purchased a Winchester 101 Diamond Grade, 34" unsingle model. It has a pad holder adjustable vertically and for cant, no lop or comb adjustments. The gun fits me reasonably well with the pad dropped an inch. And my back no longer hurts, thanks to a toe tab and hull bag!

My 1100 and 870 comp were both full choke barrels. This 101, of course has interchangeable chokes. After shooting about 20 rounds of 16 yard singles, I notice I am only smoking the targets about 20 percent of the time. I had been making smoke around 80 percent of the time with my 870 comp. In fact a quarter of the birds I am breaking look as if only a few pellets caught them. I am using a briley IM choke that came with the gun. Now I know the answer is pattern the gun, and I do plan on doing that this Sunday, as I have no idea where it's shooting. But my question is this- I'd like to get a new briley winchester "winchoke" spectrum "light full" choke and pattern this gun to see where it's POI is. My concern is I had seen in a few threads here and there that some of the 101 trap barrels are back bored, and the regular dimension winchoke ends up not touching the barrel walls at the end facing the chamber. Does anyone know if this is malarky? Briley also makes a winchester "classic doubles" choke, but afaik those are the 101's made after the Japanese models like my Diamond Grade. I don't have access to a bore gauge so not sure how to proceed. When I called Briley and asked them what choke was for my gun, the guy from sales said "if it's an inch and a half long, it's a winchoke, anything else?" and that was it. It has now occurred to me that if different versions have different barrel ID's, then you will need different chokes. Or am I missing something here?

Thanks -Steve

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Subject: Win 101 barrel id and choke
From: MR870
Date: Mon, Jun 10, 2013 - 11:16 PM ET
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.735 Bore.My classic double trap has winchokes and they did the same.I ordered chokes from Pure Gold after talking to Bill Davis the owner and the chokes line up with the bore now.

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